GENTLE-MEN- start YOUR engines!!!!

Gentleness in Mosaic

Thy gentleness hath made me great •

2 Sam. 22:36 •

The gentleness of Christ

is the comeliest ornament

that a Christian can wear.

• William Arnot •…


Gentelness is a fruit of the HOLY SPIRIT.

Like generousity, You cannot

lay it on the vague to

ponder rightiousness.


If Rightiousness would

gain the whole profit,

what would be the role of GRACE?


What shall it profit a man

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    • The future is in His care. I know that while I trust Him, he will never fail me. It does not seem to me, however, that I have experienced so powerful a baptism of the Holy Ghost as you have. But it is a subject which I am continually committing to the Lord Jesus. It is His gift and I know He will give me whatever he sees will be best for me. =================== There is a great annointing in beeing baptized in the spirit and with fire. We need this to be gifted and skilled to do our service according to the plan of GOD. Last Days, the leading Bishop and chairman of All India Independ Christian U n i o n and diocese gave honour to me as Arch-Bishop. This is in accetance of the devine revelation and destination, as they could apperently see in the works, GOD did with me in INDIA and all around the world. This is not the same like Ordination or inkardination, but is a real help in doing cooperation in respect and honour. This often is missing in other parts of the world- included my home country, GERMANY. Nevertheless, our GLOBAL MANDATE to spread in LOVE and PEACE increases by this accreditation. You can be part of this HOLY SPIRIT MOVEMENT online and meet with domain giving of GVO by parting with the team of Arch-Bishop ROSARY right now! Don´t wait any longer and take this global opportunity by clicking on the link. Related articles The Holy Spirit ( Seek The Baptism Of The Spirit Of God ( It looked Like the Sun Wasn't gon' Shine no More, But God Put A Rainbow In the Sky - A Reflection on the Readings for the First Sunday of Lent ( You Anoint My Head With Oil ( getting down to what the water means in baptism ( Celebrating Baptism ( Trials and Tribulations - Baptism of Fire ( What You Need to Know about Baptism and Works Salvation ( The Firs...
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    • IT’S JUST LIKE HIS GREAT LOVE • Edna R. Worrell, 19th century • How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! (1 John 3:1) • The greatest demonstration of love is God’s gift of Jesus Christ to a lost world. It is impossible to comprehend fully this divine love; it can only be learned experientially.   ======================= Today, i answered an email to one of my beloved, spiritual children. His name is Pastor Anand Chakravarthi from INDIA. I am very happy, that he grows in the LORD and that the promises of OUR HOLY FATHER upon him are going to be fulfilled! If You want to take a grasp on this success story, pls visit Bishop ROSARY´s website!   Related articles God's Love ( Letting Go of...Self? ( Every Christian a Missourian ( They're ordinary people Who love God from the heart ( Love Definded by Preacher Donny of Peace Baptist church ( Lent 1 - "Why Me?" (Genesis 22:1-18) ( God's Love For Us ( Jesus replied: "'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' ( This is Love for God (
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    • Forgetting those things which are behind … I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus • Phil. 3:13, 14 • It is not by regretting what is irreparable that true work is to be done, but by making the best of what we are. It is not by complaining that we have not the right tools, but by using well the tools we have. Jesus? (Photo credit: ChrisMcArdle1)Well, during my first studies in organic farming i practiced to train horses to carry the joke and ty the plaugh. This was very effective and better for the 4 acres of land, i could do in one day´s work, than to use the heavy John Deer Traktor. I think, this was heavenly work :-). Today, as an Arch-Bishop i use the traisures and wisdom of fromer trained skills, not to look back in melancholy, but to use these tools for the better growth of the KINGDOM of GOD! Today we are funding with landmanagement systems, (pat.pending) to bring this knowledge and skills into the hands of developing countrie´s people and to re-fund with CarbonDioxid- certificates to supply our 120 Pastors and 6,000 members of RMI-INDIA and we cooperate with All-India Independant Christian Diocese, with 7,600 chuches and communities! If You want to partner with us, pls come nder the domain-reselling host with Arch-Bishop ROSARY by clicking on the link just now! Related articles delight of sacrifice- with Uwe Rosenkranz, RMI founder ( There´s a wind of the HOLY GHOST blowing..- ( Mother Mary was the first to deliver 'Suvartha': Bishop ( US Catholic Bishops Don't Know Their Congregants ( Catholic Bishops Reserve Judgment On Obama Contraception Compromise ( Oklahoma City priest to trade places with new archbishop ( Bishops Descended From Christ's Apostles? ( Centralizing Church Authority -- Is it Inevitable? (past...

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