Know How To Efficiently Manage Your Time Using The Pomodoro Technique

Lots of people have determined that The Pomodoro Technique – which was created in the 1980s – is an incredibly effective way to manage their time. This strategy has its critics, though, just like anything else. In fact, although numerous people have reaped the benefits of using this strategy, there are also those who just don’t see how it would help them save time. We’ll give you the main details of The Pomodoro Technique in this report and you can make your own mind as to whether it could help you or not.

The only equipment you will need for this simple strategy is some method of tracking time. You can use a stopwatch, the clock on your pc, or any of the free “timers” that you can find online and download. The system is easy to comprehend. You alternate periods of concentrated work for 25 minutes, with pauses of 5 minutes at the end of each 25 minute period. Every single 25 minute period – or session – is called a “pomodoro.” At the end of each four “pomodoros” you take a pause of 15 – 20 minutes. Then, you begin again. As the sessions are not that long – 25 minutes – it’s a fantastic method for those who have short attention spans. They can generally concentrate for that long of a period of time when they know there is a break coming up shortly. The five minute rests are nice and refreshing, and you do not lose the continuity with what you were working on. If you wish to use this technique properly, you have to have an accurate method of monitoring time.

One of the key requirements for effectively using this method, is to use it just like it was created. Francesco Cirillo, the creator of The Pomodoro Technique, uses a stopwatch in order to monitor each of his “pomodoros” of time. Training yourself to work in 25 minute sessions – without interruptions – is the prime benefit of this method. People who get easily distracted may find that they begin doing unproductive things every couple of minutes. With the Pomodoro Technique, you must focus only on the task in front of you for 25 minutes steadily. And so, although the system gives you lots of rests, it also forces you into a kind of self discipline.

The Pomodoro Technique has some flaws that cause some people to dislike it. They find it unproductive, and stressful, to be frequently checking a clock or stopwatch when they’re trying to work. There are a couple of common reactions to watching the clock: it can make you feel stressed and under pressure, or it can help keep you focused entirely on your work and, ultimately, be more productive. Another issue is that not all of your tasks may fit nicely into 25 minute slots. If you must make business calls, for example, you can’t very well hang up on someone just because you’re due for a pause! Yet the Pomodoro Technique does work nicely for certain kinds of folks, especially those who have to work extended hours by themselves.

And so, your analysis of The Pomodoro Method as being something you could put to good use, or something that would just be a distraction, will depend on the sort of work you do and your personality. This technique may be something that would help you, so you may want to check it out. Even if you don’t stick to it exactly, you can make good use of the basic idea of taking frequent brief breaks.

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